• The U.S. Supreme Court will likely reveal its decision over offering a clean chit to Bayer A.G.’s BAYZF Roundup weedkiller, Reuters reports.
  • Bayer sought the review of an appeals court that sustained $25 million in damages awarded to a user of glyphosate-based weedkiller Roundup, who blamed his cancer on the product.
  • Bayer urged the Court to determine federal approval of Roundup’s product label by the Environmental Protection Agency as it challenged the lawsuit’s viability under California’s state law.
  • Bayer argued that the cancer claims contradict repeated product clearance from U.S. and global regulators.
  • Bayer prepared for up to $4.5 billion in additional litigation costs from the other claims, having coughed up a significant portion of the $11.6 billion previously allocated for settlements and litigation over the matter.
  • The Court is due to announce action on pending appeals on June 13.
  • In May, Democrat President Joe Biden urged the justices to reject the petition, unlike Republican former President Donald Trump’s administration.
  • Bayer looks to replace glyphosate in weedkillers for non-professional gardeners in the U.S. with other active elements.
  • Another similar case was pending with the highest U.S. court.
  • Bayer remained embroiled in Roundup-related lawsuits since it acquired the brand as part of its $63 billion purchase of agricultural seeds and pesticides maker Monsanto in 2018.

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