The Immersive Kind is debuting “The Other World,” an event on 4 September in conjunction with the New York Digital Fashion Week 2022.

Extended reality (XR) collaboration and metaverse platform Spatial is hosting the digital event so that The Immersive Kind can showcase NFTs, digital wearables, art, and music on the service. Attendees can access the bespoke immersive spaces via a desktop or virtual reality (VR) device.

Essential Players

The Immersive Kind and Studio Multi, an architectural firm, are collaborating on bespoke immersive environments for the event.

Nicola Rutt, Founding Director at Studio Multi, also explained that the event allows her firm to leverage its interest in repurposing real-world abandoned industrial spaces via Metaverse platforms. Furthermore, the director said that collaboration provides a “test-bed” for concepts in both physical and virtual worlds.

She added The Other World and the Spatial service provide a space to host a “digital community for cultural, social and educational means.”

Kadine James, the CEO and Founder of The Immersive Kind, also said that the collaboration has created an “incredible piece of industrial architecture.”

The Immersive Kind is also adding Ready Player Me to its team. The partnership enables The Other World event to utilise its partner’s highly-detailed avatars to showcase digital wearables.

A Ready Player Me Spokesperson added,

“[Ready Player Me is] driven by the mission to increase accessibility in the metaverse. We’re impassioned by projects that are unique and carry a cultural impact”

Additionally, in February, Ready Player Me partnered with developers of web-based augmented reality (AR) experiences 8th Wall to provide bespoke avatars for the popular WebAR toolkit.



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