North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has extended his support to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and also appreciated him for leading the country through challenges.

North Korea expects the friendship and cooperation between the two countries to continue to strengthen and “develop vigorously” in all fields, Kim said in a letter addressed to Putin on the occasion of the National Day of the Russian Federation, according to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency.

Under Putin’s leadership, the Russian people have “resolutely overcome all challenges and difficulties and achieved great successes,” the letter said. Kim also lauded Russia’s accomplishing the “just cause of defending the dignity, security and right to develop the country,” an apparent reference to the Russia-Ukraine War. 

Russia launched an attack on its smaller east European neighbor on February 24, with Putin claiming that Ukraine is a rightful part of Russia, separated purely by an accident of history.

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The North Korean leader also said his government remains committed to valuing the bilateral relations between the countries and developing it further in tune with the changing times and aspirations of the people of the two countries.

Kim met with Putin for the first time in Vladivostok in April 2019. The two countries will journey together to defend “international justice” and ensure “security of the world,” Kim said. He wished Putin very good health and the Russian people well-being and prosperity.

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