The first EOS Hackathon results are in! The Hong Kong Hackathon is over, and the prizes have been awarded. Who took home the top prize?

The EOS Hackathon will be ongoing throughout this year, culminating in the grand finale on December 8th, 2018. The Hackathon consists of four events leading up to the fifth and final grand finale event. At each event, teams are competing to come up with the best EOS dApp. Those with the best dApps are invited to compete on December 8th in a final pitch competition.

The first Hackathon happened over the weekend in Hong Kong, and EOS has released the results. There was a total of 90 teams participating and $144,000 USD awarded.

Each event leading up to the final pitch competition offers a unique challenge for the teams to build their brand new dApp around. The Hong Kong Hackathon challenge was to build a new dApp that could be scaled for mainstream adoption. The dApps would need to have real-world use cases and would have to use the EOS code.

EOS Hackathon Results

The first installation of the Hackathon in Hong Kong had over 350 participants making up more than 90 teams.

The top prize of $100,000 USD was awarded to IDPASS, who hacked together a dApp that wants to provide identification documents to global citizens with no formal identification. This is to help those citizens build a trusted ID over time, one that is private, recoverable, and completely under their control.

One of the members of IDPASS, Paul Wehner, said, “Our aim is to keep building IDPASS as an open-source project and to collaborate with humanitarian agencies to bring healthcare, educational, financial and legal services to the undocumented.”

Blockflare took home second prize, which was $25,000 USD. Blockflare, a decentralized anti-DDos platform, works on DDoS mitigation via the team’s new proof-of-work and Tor routing protocol.

Third place was given to Ducatur, who received $10,000 USD. Ducator wants to build the first decentralized exchange for EOS and Ether that is as fast as Binance.

There were also three title prizes given away to the teams that showed the Best Social Impact, Best User Experience, and Best Social Media Post.

Best Social Impact was awarded to Smart Cities Steroids, who won $3,000 USD for their efforts. Smart Cities Steroids, a project looking to create transparency and accountability in the public tender systems in ‘smart cities’ in India, has also been invited to the final pitch competition on December 8th.

Best User Experience was awarded to Warranteas, and Best Social Media Post was given to Shabaz Ahmed, each winning $3,000 USD.

EOS Price

EOS is currently selling for $10.77, which puts the coin down 1.74% in the past 24 hours.

EOS Hackathon Results
Source: CoinMarketCap

The next EOS Hackathon is happening on August 4th and 5th in Sydney, Australia.

Are you happy with these EOS Hackathon results?

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