The EOS Hackathon is fast approaching. Are you ready for the biggest blockchain competition to hit the world? Five locations, plenty of prizes, and one ultimate winner – let’s do this!

The EOS Hackathon

The EOS Hackathon gives you a chance to build a brand new dApp. Obviously, because this is an EOS competition, the dApp will have to be built on the EOS blockchain. Teams must start from scratch, building their dApp over the course of the competition.

The Hackathon website describes it as “a first-of-its-kind event in the world of blockchain, and serves’s goal of supporting of [sic] a decentralized global community from the ground up.”

All hackers, business leaders, product developers, and marketers are welcome to join and create “a new wave of blockchain dApps that secure life, liberty, and property.”

Participants will be competing against one another to make it all the way to the end. Four separate events will be held first, and three winners will be chosen from each of these to go to the final event, the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale will consist of a final pitch competition, along with demonstrations of all final teams’ dApps.

At each of the four individual events, there will be a series of challenges teams will be competing in to be selected to move into the finale.

Teams can consist of up to five people. The teams will completely own anything they build at the EOS Hackathon and may do whatever they want with their new dApp, regardless of if they win or not.

The Prizes

Whichever team wins the final pitch competition will win $500,000, plus they’ll earn a chance to meet and EOS VC for a one-on-one session.

At each of the first four events, a first, second, and third place team will be chosen and awarded with travel to the final event plus a cash prize of $100,000, $25,000, and $10,000, respectively. The travel is given to each team member, with the cash to be split amongst them.

Three lucky runner-ups from each of the first four events will receive $3,000.

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The Judging

At each event, teams will be judged on the premise of four concepts, for a total of five points each. Each judge gives a team a score out of 20, with the team’s final score being an average of all the judge’s scores.

The first concept is how well the team utilizes the EOS blockchain technology, and how well suited the concept of the product actually is for blockchain in general.

Teams will also be judged on creativity – how innovative was their solution to the challenge presented at the competition?

Impact is another factor. Will the dApp have real-world uses and will it have a valuable impact on the world?

The final judging point is scalability. How much can the dApp grow?

Judges will consist of EOS team members, such as CEO Brendan Blumer and CTO Dan Larimer, and other blockchain community members.

The Locations

The first EOS Hackathon event is happening this Saturday, in Hong Kong. The event will take place from June 9th to June 10th.

On August 4th and August 5th, the Hackathon will be in Sydney, Australia, and on September 22nd and September 23rd, the event will be held in London, England. The last individual event will be happening on November 10th and November 11th, but the location has yet to be announced.

The Grand Finale event will be held on December 8th, at a yet-to-be-announced location.

So, friends, start hacking!

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