People have been on the lookout for EOS bugs ever since the first big EOS vulnerability was discovered days before the EOS mainnet was set to launch. Now, more bugs have been found, and almost $120 thousand was paid for their discovery.

The Cry for Help

The initial bug that set things off was discovered by a Chinese internet security firm. This vulnerability would have allowed the EOS blockchain to be taken over by one clever hacker.

After being reported, the bug was quickly dealt with by, but soon after Dan Larimer tweeted looking for help from the community for more potential bugs.

The reward offered was met with some criticism by the community, who felt that should be able to offer more considering the company had just completed a $4 billion ICO.

Despite this criticism, one ethical hacker was more than happy to take the company up on its offer. In the span of about a week, Guido Vranken discovered 11 bugs on the EOS blockchain and dutifully reported them to

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The EOS Bugs

Vranken’s discovery of the EOS bugs earned him almost $120,000 – which is certainly nothing to frown about for only a week’s worth of work.

EOS even went so far as to offer Vranken a position with the company, but he may not need the job. Vranken is doing pretty well on his own, discovering bugs not only on EOS, but also on Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar.

All 11 of the bugs have now been fixed by, Vranken told The Next Web.

Will more bugs be discovered on EOS? Even if they are, the team seems perfectly capable of sorting them out.

EOS Price

EOS is currently selling for $13.74, which puts the coin down 1.75% in the past 24 hours.

EOS bugs
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Where will EOS go from here?

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