Yesterday, yet another EOS bug was discovered, and we experienced an EOS blockchain halt as a result. So, what’s happening over there?

EOS Blockchain Halt

Not long after the EOS blockchain finally went live, a bug was discovered that was causing a NodeOS problem. The discovery of the bug caused the EOS blockchain to halt temporarily while the issue was being fixed.

The process of bug discovery to blockchain halt to bug fix was outlined in a Medium post published by EOS New York, one of the elected EOS block producers representing in the post all other block producers and standby nodes.

In response to the discovery, released a patch, version 1.0.5. In this patch, a NodeOS fix was released and the block producer nodes were upgraded. Patch 1.0.5 also required that any block producer with locally produced blocks would need to resync up until block 1027926 while having production paused and enable-stale-production disabled.

To resume production, all block producers will need to sync with each other.

All nodes should have now been upgraded to 1.0.5, and the EOS blockchain is back up and running.

This is yet another hiccup for and EOS. Some people are becoming wary about the long-term life of EOS, including industry experts and analysts, as well as investors and other members of the crypto community. EOS has received a lot of criticism as of late.

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EOS Price

EOS is currently selling for $10.82, which puts the coin up 2.66%, despite the difficulties experienced over the weekend.

EOS blockchain halt
Source: CoinMarketCap

Are you concerned about EOS or do you still have faith?

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