Apple Inc AAPL has updated its rules to allow dating apps in the Netherlands to use more third-party payment systems. 

According to the newly updated rules, Dutch dating app developers can choose which payment systems they want to use and change the language users see when they pay on the app. 

Apple has mandated the use of its in-app payment system, which charges commissions of up to 30%. However, developers like Tinder owner Match Group Inc MTCH have argued that the rate is too high for them. 

However, Apple has said that dating app developers will still have to pay commissions for sales made outside its in-app payment system, though it will give them a discount. 

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Apple had previously said developers paying its 30% commission rate would owe a 27% commission instead.

Under the new rule, Apple’s system will show users a warning that says the user will have to contact the developer over payment problems, such as asking for a refund. 

Apple had initially included a button that would allow users to back out of using the third-party payment option after being shown the warning. Still, the iPhone maker has said that Dutch authorities had rejected that button.

Also, developers won’t have to choose between a third-party in-app payment or an external payment link, they can use both if they want. 

Last year, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) ruled that Apple’s rules violated Dutch competition laws in the dating app market and required Apple to allow those developers to use third-party payment processors.

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