At last week’s Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2022, CareAR announced a strategic partnership with IT consultant company Infosys to enhance its augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) customer experience (CX) and collaboration solutions.

The strategic alliance enables CareAR to accelerate the adoption of enterprise Metaverse platforms and secures CareAR clients with Infosys’ Metaverse Foundry service, which supports companies integrating immersive technologies.

The partnership covers a variety of enterprise clients working in manufacturing, telecommunications, field services, and healthcare and supports the distribution of its portfolio of immersive services, including the Assist, Instruct, and Insight applications.

Sajeel Hussain, the Chief Revenue Officer at CareAR, added:

“At CareAR, our mission is to make expertise accessible with live visual AR interactions, instructions and intelligence to drive game-changing business outcomes that deliver significant operational efficiencies, reduce costs and create optimal customer and employee experiences”

Furthermore, CareAR integrates workflow systems provided by Servicenow that enable workforces to collaborate using 3D renders, immersive experiences, digital twins, and extensive XR content libraries.

CareAR Products and Services

The CareAR product portfolio of collaboration and CX solutions provides workforces with real-time 3D (RT3D) remote guidance and training solutions.

CareAR designed its Assist platform to provide field service workers with AR visualisations delivered on desktops, mobiles, and smart glasses. Additionally, Lenovo is backing CareAR Assist with official support for the service on its ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses.

Lenovo also collaborates on MagicLens by CareAR on its smart glasses device, which enables workers to leverage computer-aided designs to create 3D data visualisations.

MagicLens contains an RT3D toolset that allows designers to create digital twins of industrial or commercial products. With assistance from ServiceNow, CareAR is accelerating the mass adoption of its immersive toolkit in education and enterprise institutions.

Instruct by CareAR is a management platform for 2D and RT3D assets used in AR remote guidance services. The service delivers instructional aids to a worker’s device directly and provides workers with immersive self-guidance sessions on a chosen subject.



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