Apple Inc‘s AAPL senior vice president of engineering, Craig Federighi, described the upcoming changes to the iPhone’s lock screen in iOS 16 as a “massive step forward.”

What Happened: Federighi and Apple’s vice president of design Alan Dye touched on the lock-screen update in a recent TechRadar interview.

Federighi called the changes a “multi-act play” that began with personalization changes on the iPhone’s home screen.

“We saw a real opportunity to take that area that really has evolved slowly over time but has never seen this kind of massive step forward, and to do something really big — but something very Apple and very personal. So, this is an act of love this year,” TechRadar quoted Federighi as saying.

Dye said the goal was to make the iPhone more personal and useful while retaining its core elements.

The design executive said an element that defines the iPhone is the large central clock, which he said won’t change with the new lock screen, but Apple had considered tinkering with.

“Typography is such a huge passion of ours, the design teams … for the first time, we’re letting users choose their favorite [typefaces],” said Dye, according to TechRadar.

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Why It Matters: The Tim Cook-led company introduced several new features and updates to its iPhone lineup earlier this month as a part of the upcoming iOS 16 operating system.

Dye said Apple’s goal is to allow the user to create a lock screen that looks like a “great magazine cover,” according to TechRadar.

“A dozen neural networks” are deployed to verify if a photo would fit the new lock screen’s features, according to Federighi.

He reportedly added that Apple is not forcing changes on its users, and adding widgets and multiple lock screens would be optional.

Price Action: On Friday, Apple shares closed 3.9% lower at $137.13 in the regular session and rose 0.2% in extended trading, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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